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Collaborative, hand-made, DIY, screen-printed book.

100 numbered copies.

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The Minesweeper Collective, Solstices project & Le Cagibi present « DEDALE »,

their new collaborative, hand-made, screen-printed book !

DEDALE mixes poems & designs, in a new practice and handle of the object ''book''.

Every people has to find his own way, his own path to enter inside the very original shape of this labyrinth book.

Everybody has to create his own sense(s) for his book, like for his life.

It is our interpretation of the fondamental greek myth of the labyrinth.

Symbol of our life (our everyday, mental life, & subconscious),

symbol of the City,

symbol – above all – of our deep & powerful desires & our animality,

the shadow against the Society of the Spectacle.

With :

Rodolphe Gauthier ~ Kevin Seven ~ Illustre Feccia ~ Enrico Cornuda ~ Hintone Trottoli Sturbi ~ Jude Kendall ~ Wonder Barbee ~ Indignata Jones ~ Claudio Fonnesu ~ Maria Malo Lopez ~ Sostanza Di ~ Darkam Arcadia ~ Vesna Parchet ~ Alma ~ Sil Vicius ~ Mike Fedrizzi ~ Richard Kyriakidès ~ Carla Clarke ~ Egos Demo ~ Duccio Stefanelli

(the price outside France will include 2e extra)


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Collaborative, hand-made, DIY, screen-printed book.

100 numbered copies.